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“Raj-Parimani Kaua, their family will not last”

“Raj-Parimani Kaua, their family will not last”

Parimoni and Shariful Raj are popular names in Dhaka cinema. While the two first opened up about their breakup in Facebook posts and media interactions, they have since rekindled their relationship. Raj Pari has been together since January 3.

The separation of Pari-Raj is talking about her in the net world, and moviegoers are criticizing them. One of their directors is Delwar Jahan Jhantu. He washed the couple in question.

Jhantu said, everyone already knows Parimony. He was criticized for various reasons before that. He also served a prison sentence. Although their contemporary family may survive. One day we will see it broken. In my opinion, Parimani is also kaua, Raj is also kaua; Their family will never last. On the contrary, this couple tarnishes the reputation of our film. Maybe the next generation will think that’s what movies are all about.

Citing the example of actresses of yesteryear, the director added: “In our time, we have seen the family life of heroines like Shabana, Babita, Sucharita, Kabri”. They never cared about those things outside of the movies. And now everyone wants to participate in the discussion. These have become fashionable. We lose our respect. Now people get scared when they hear people’s names in movies. Who is going to explain these things to them? I will only say, may Allah guide them.

Note that on October 17, 2021, the popular heroine of the film Dhakai Parimoni and actor Shariful Raj got married in secret. They got married after only seven days of acquaintance. They made the news public on January 10, 2022. The couple also gave the message of having a child on the same day. After that, they got married on January 22 in a family arrangement. On August 10 of the same year, their son Shahim Muhammad Rajya came to their house.

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