Raju Srivastav Death: The best clay man I have seen in my life Raju Srivastav: Mir – raju srivastav sad demise mir afsar ali talks about the king of comedy


Raju Srivastav Death: The best clay man I have seen in my life Raju Srivastav: Mir – raju srivastav sad demise mir afsar ali talks about the king of comedy


In 2010, when he walked onto the set of ‘Mirakkel 6’, he saw me for the first time and hugged me and said, “Mir bhai, apka apna show…kayasa lag raha hai. ” Believe me, tears came to my eyes. So much enthusiasm, so much love… I have never seen a man so down to earth as Raju Srivastava. In 2004, I never saw the then king of comedy, Omon, using the way Anami, Ankora, who was from Calcutta, mingled with a rival. I won’t say anything about how he is a comedian. I’m not qualified to say that. But, Raju will be number one among the three best earthlings I have met in my life.

Since this morning, the body is not at all well. Lots of work throughout the day, filming, meeting, dubbing. Just calling the manager and asking him to reschedule work made his chest heave as he stared at the news feed. After receiving such terrible news, I immediately collapsed. More strength of mind. I don’t want to play on those days. Today is a very difficult day for us so-called people who make a living out of laughter. Even today, there’s bound to be a comedy show somewhere. It will be very difficult for this comedian to perform today. Because the originator of his profession, the idols are people like Raju Srivastava.

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First met Raju Srivastav (Raju Srivastav News) on Great Indian Laughter Challenges reality show in 2004. I had no experience in comedy shows then. And at that time, he acted as a junior artist not only in stage shows but also in movies for about 8-10 years. There are always salutes for the way he mingled with all the competitors. He adopted everyone. I couldn’t make it to the finale of this show. I came out on the seventh. But what I was able to learn during this period lasts a lifetime. Then his stage presence, the comedic timing is just awesome. Raju Srivastava’s stage performance needs no editing.

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Then cut to 2010. Raju Srivastava is a guest on my own show Mirakkele-6. It was my last one-on-one meeting with him. I went from co-competitor to host. After hugging and greeting me, a lot of things happened that day. Even though I don’t remember everything after so many years, those moments will remain etched in my memory for the rest of my life. I said something about her dress on the show that day. In response, he said sadly, “You know Mir, I once put on a show wearing a dirty denim t-shirt, rented jacket, rented coat-tie. Now I have a wardrobe When you’re wearing something branded, people sarcastically say, “Kaya Raju Bhai, you’re so amazing these days. I say, ajkal pahen rahe hai…” Those last words hit me hard He really wasn’t there before, he didn’t have the ability to wear it. I’m wearing it today. I don’t know if there will be tomorrow. Even if he was a star, he doesn’t never let his name go to his head. He also told me, “Never let popularity go to your head. As low to the ground as possible. The better off you will be.”

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