Rakhi Sawant got married quietly! Registry’s wedding photo to Adil Khan has been revealed

Rakhi Sawant got married quietly! Registry’s wedding photo to Adil Khan has been revealed

Bangladeshi Office: The wedding photos of Bollywood’s most controversial actress, Rakhi Sawant, are currently going viral on social media. It is known that Rakhi is married to her longtime boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani. Although Rakhi herself has not shared their wedding photos anywhere, their registry photos are already going viral on the net.

In the viral image, Rakhi and Adil are seen standing with the registry papers in their hands. Both have necklaces around their necks. On top of that, another photo has gone viral on social media. In this photo, Rakhi is seen in a red salwar. And according to the date there, the wedding took place on July 2, 2022.

Even after so long, Rakhi herself didn’t tell anyone about their marriage. Although once before, the news of Rakhi Sawant’s marriage was leaked on the net. She shared the photo with her fans dressed as a bride. Then she informed that her fiancé’s name is Ritesh.

But later, Rakhi said her fiancé was hesitant to come forward in front of people. After that, Rakhi came to Bigg Boss 15 house with Ritesh. After declaring them illegal in the eyes of the law, they went their separate ways. Rakhi Sawant then had a love affair with Adil.

For now, social networks are flooded with wishes. One netizen wrote, “Hope this wedding is real. Let the girl get some love. Another person wrote: “I can’t believe it! Incidentally, he also participated in a reality show named Rakhi Ka Swayambar. Where Canadian businessman Elesh Parujanwala was chosen. This relationship did not last more than a month.

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