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Rakul Preet is still middle class!

Rakul Preet is still middle class!

Rakul Preet Singh entered the world of money with Southern films. She has made a name for herself with her glamorous looks and acting skills. Apart from Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films, he also works regularly in Bollywood.

Rakul was recently seen in a Hindi movie named “Kathputli”. which was released on Disney Plus Hotstar. Akshay Kumar is his co-star there. Meanwhile, the trailer for his new movie “Thank God” has been released in Bollywood.

Overall, Rakul is practicing in the Mumbai industry. That is why the actress takes part in various programs and interviews. Rakul said in a brief Q&A that she still remains middle class!

It may seem strange. Making great movies one after another, winning with both hands. According to internet sources, Rakul’s wealth is over Rs 45 crore. He thinks he’s middle class!

Rakul says, “I often buy cheaper and cheaper things. In this case, I’m pretty cheap! The bourgeois being has not yet left me.

Explaining this habit, Rakul added, “I never buy by looking at the price. If I like something, I buy it at the general store, even on the sidewalk. I actually consider how much I can use the thing, how comfortable I will feel.

Notably, Rakul acted in the movie “Thank God” with Ajay Devgn and Siddharth Malhotra. The film is directed by Indra Kumar based on an unusual story. It will be released on October 25.

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