Ranjan-Shubmita’s romantic song for Prabal Chowdhury’s birthday


Ranjan-Shubmita’s romantic song for Prabal Chowdhury’s birthday

On the occasion of the 75th birthday of the late Prabal Chowdhury, the sound engineer of Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra and famous singer of Bangladesh, two romantic songs by the famous Queen of Melody of Bengal Shubhita and the popular singer of Bangladeshi sound music Ranjan have been published.

Manas, a dentist and 5-time national table tennis champion and voluntary national team retiree, is known as Ranjan in the music world. Ranjan Chowdhury said that this song was a gift for his father on his 75th birthday. The song was recorded at Vibrations Studio in Kolkata. The music for the song is jointly composed by Sabyasachi Roni from Bangladesh and Sudipta Saha from Kolkata.

Chitagong K. S Music composed at Digital Studio and Vibrations Studio, Kolkata. Since the song’s release, both artists have been praising and congratulating Ranjan Chowdhury’s Facebook page. Two and a half lakh views in just three days. The expressions of the listeners of the two Bengals prove that the melodious singing is still alive. Eid Ul last year

The song ‘Bal To Tumi’ sung by Shubmita and Ranjan was widely appreciated by the audience. Since then, the two Bengali audiences have expressed their desire to listen to their melodious romantic songs again via social media. Once again, this effort is made in compliance with the requests of the listeners. Famous instrumentalists from Bangladesh and West Bengal played their respective instruments in the song. Filming for the song ended at Vibrations Studio.

The lyrics of the song were written by Md. Obaidullah and composed by Ranjan Chowdhury. Ranjan said about the song, when composer Sabyasachi Roni Santur felt the need for flute, violin and saxophone while composing the song, he decided to finish composing this song in Kolkata with the instrumentalists of West Bengal through the well-known composer Sudipta Saha from Kolkata. Gautam Basu, a renowned sound engineer from Kolkata did the mix mastering of the song. On the occasion of his father’s birthday, the song was released on Ranjan Chowdhury’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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