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Ranveer becomes flopmaster, this time he will make a movie himself

Ranveer becomes flopmaster, this time he will make a movie himself

After marrying Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor is in high spirits in his personal life as he is Sansari’s father and a daughter. But this actor is gradually becoming a flopmaster with one movie flop after another in his career.

Ranbir ‘Shamsera’ star was expected. The movie was supposed to do business. But the film also failed to do business as expected. Then Brahmastra, although that film did well. Extraordinary application of VFX is seen in this film.

According to Bollywood based media news Kaimi he is arranging new plans due to one flop after another. Not acting, but directing is Ranbir Kapoor’s master plan. Ranveer recently appeared on stage at the Red Sea Film Festival. And there he shared a lot of unknown things. He said he had been planning the management for a long time.

Ranveer said, “I always wanted to make movies, I wanted to be a director. I waited a long time for the story to come to my mind on its own, but! It shocked me, I’m not a good writer. And I’m very shy when it comes to sharing ideas. It doesn’t happen.

Ranveer has also signed up as a producer. But didn’t have much success. His film produced ‘Jagya Jasoos’. Ranveer said: I will be sad about the movie for the rest of my life. It’s because I produced this film. Anurag Bose was the director, but it didn’t last

The state of films in Bollywood is very bad. One image after another crumbles. Ranveer said, “Audiences won’t go unless it’s a big-budget movie, but I hope people come back to the theater with faith in a good story and a good script.”

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