Raveena wanted to marry Ajay for anything


Raveena wanted to marry Ajay for anything

Entertainment desk: Ajay Devgan is a very popular actor across India these days and is loved by all. Everyone respects him a lot for his acting. Ajay Devgan has given the public not one but many successes in his Bollywood journey so far and has led the Bollywood industry for a long time. This is the reason why Ajay Devgn is a household name for all Bollywood audiences these days.

But did you know that famous Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon loved Ajay Devgan very much and wanted to marry him! But now he doesn’t want to see Ajay’s face as his wish is not granted. Yes, it’s true and many people don’t know it yet.

Raveena Tandon is a familiar face in Bollywood today and even though she is a 90s actress, she is still alive in everyone’s mind for her hit movies. Recently, he made a comeback to Bollywood with the web series Aranyak. Raveena Tandon has given Bollywood many hit movies during her long film career. But this time, not for his film, but for a fact of his life, he made himself known.

It is known that Raveena Tandon once loved famous Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan and wanted to marry him, but now Raveena Tandon doesn’t even like to see his face anymore. Apart from that, it is also known that Ajay Devgan said bad things to Raveena in front of the whole world which Raveena did not like at all.

Raveena Tandon and Ajay Devgan aren’t even interested in hearing each other’s names these days. But at one time, they were the most talked about couple in Bollywood. Ajay Devgan and Raveena Tandon loved each other very much. But then Karisma Kapoor came into Ajay Devgn’s life. Because of which Ajay Devgn broke up with Raveena Tandon. After their breakup, Raveena Tandon said that Ajay wrote her several love letters.

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But when Ajay Devgn was asked about it, he pretty much dismissed all such claims and called Raveena Tandon a liar. When this matter comes to Rabina’s ears, Rabina warns Ajay that he still has those letters. However, he never presented these letters. Maybe he never took that step thinking about his and Ajay’s honor.

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