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“Readers don’t want to think of me as a movie star”


“Readers don’t want to think of me as a movie star”

Goddess Shanarei Shanu. Actress and writer. His soap opera “Ranger Manhoob Dhonger Khel” airs on the channel. The audience’s response to this play, current engagement, and other topics were discussed with him.

Is your play ‘Ranger Mansoom Dhanger Khel’ able to meet the crowd of many dramas?

I don’t know about the TV audience, but many people watch the drama “Ranger Manhoo Dhanger Khel” on YouTube. If you keep an eye on YouTube, you will see that the public has expressed their various comments on this piece. The story written by Ibn Hasan Khan is also very interesting. Yusuf Ali Khokon wrote the screenplay with the audience’s taste in mind. Director Sohail Hasan also tried to make the characters realistic with the story. That’s right – now many channels, many dramas; Even then, audiences watch this play, sharing their likes and dislikes – that’s actually the feat.

Why are we less seen on TV these days?

I don’t really work with this idea of ​​having to appear on screen every day. I want to do something good because I like to play. There is a thing called the self-satisfaction of art. I don’t want to stand in front of the camera every time I get an offer to play in a story or a role. So I do these jobs, even if they are less numerous, where I will have fun playing. I play four of them, each character is different.

After “Mr Bangladesh”, you have not been seen in any other film. What will we see on the big screen in the future?

I don’t know when I’ll be seen in the cinema again. I want to work on the big screen, now let’s see when the opportunity to act comes up again. I noticed one thing, after I started as a writer, a lot of people started looking at it differently. Especially the readers. They don’t want to consider me a movie heroine.

Which identity is greater for you – writer or actress?

Actress and writer – I love both identities equally. When I write, I completely forget to act. I don’t want to remember a story while acting. For me, actress and writer are two distinct entities.

How do you find time to write in the hustle and bustle of acting?

At a certain time of the year, I am immersed in writing. Then I became a person from a completely different world. I do not undertake any dramatic work, telefilm.

What are you writing again?

I started writing a novel. I’m usually busy writing in June-July. For several reasons, it is too late to pick up the pen. But I think I can finish writing the novel before the Ekushey book fair.

Do you have the project to make a drama, a telefilm from your novel?

I don’t think about the construction myself. Most of my novels are psychological thrillers. For which several producers asked me to work on my novel. I also like their building plan. So I’m writing the script for the novel. Now let’s see what happens and when.

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