Receiving the National Film Award was a big surprise for me: Shampa Reza

Receiving the National Film Award was a big surprise for me: Shampa Reza

“Winning the National Award is a big surprise for me. I am very happy to receive this award. I cannot put this feeling into words at the moment. But I want to say that I am proud to receive the National Award for film. I am honored. Those who love me are also delighted to hear that they have received this award. Many thanks to the director Rashid Palash for making such a film.’ Expressing the feeling of receiving the National Film Award, is how popular actress Shampa Reza said.

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Shampa Reza also said that while shooting the movie ‘Padmapuran’, I enjoyed the time very much. Everything worked with pleasure. Everyone worked tirelessly during the filming of this film. I never thought the state would give me an award for this film. Lots of love and thanks to the ‘Padmapuraan’ team.

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In particular, the young filmmaker Rashid Palash. His first film “Padmapuraan” caused a sensation. The highest state honor for national films “National Film Awards-2021” was awarded in three categories. Actress Shampa Reza won Best Supporting Actress for this film.

In a notification signed by the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the names of the winners of the National Film Awards 2021 have been announced. Actress Dolly Jahoor and actor Ilyas Kanchan jointly receive a lifetime award for their contribution to the film.


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