Request for the arrest of Zubin Natal


Request for the arrest of Zubin Natal

Popular Bollywood singer Zubin Natal has become active on social media demanding his arrest. There is the “Arrest Zubin Natal” trend.

According to various sources, Zubin Nautian’s concert is set to take place in Houston, Texas on September 23. It was organized by a man named Jai Singh. It is claimed that the exiled Khalistani is in contact with the person. Not only that, Jai Singh is also claimed to be a fugitive criminal.

Zubin Natal announced his concert on social networks. He shared this with his fans in a Facebook post. And since then, some netizens have started trolling him.

The photo of another popular singer, Arijit Singh, has gone viral since social media began trolling over Zubin Natal. Netizens started trolling with the photo of Arijit with host Jai Singh. However, no response has been given by Zubin or Arijit in this regard so far.

According to various sources in Indian media, social media claimed that Jai Singh, the organizer of Zubin Natal’s US concert, has been on the run for 30 years. He was placed on the Chandigarh Police’s wanted list. Jai Singh charged with video piracy and drug trafficking.

The man, a resident of Punjab, fled to the United States. He has lived in California for 30 years. As soon as the Zubin Natal concert was announced, the name of the organizer attracted attention.

Bangladesh time: 10:40 a.m., September 11, 2022

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