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Retrospective 2022 | Lookback 2022: the top five new directors who made a standout film this year dgtl

Retrospective 2022 | Lookback 2022: the top five new directors who made a standout film this year dgtl

The director’s first film is ‘First Love’. In 2022, many people started to seek fortune with their first movie in Tolipara. At the end of the trial, there were five people who raised the possibility.


1. Ishan Ghosh: The so-called “small” film “Jhilli” was made with a few friends and a small budget. Ishaan didn’t think the movie would ever be released. His images highlight the struggle of marginalized people. The landscape is the public life of Thapa next to the city of Calcutta. Aranya Gupta, Shambhunath Dey, Bitan Biswas and others played the lead roles. Ishaan is the son of director Gautam Ghosh. Father Gautham produced the son’s film. But in the film, Ishaan left a mark of individuality. “Jhilli” was the best film of the 27th Kolkata International Film Festival. “Jhilli” was released on November 11. But not in too many rooms. Reviews, however, have been effusive.

2. Prason Chatterjee: Director Prasoon’s directorial debut. ‘Dostji’ tells the story of two boyfriends on the Indo-Bangladesh border in connection with the destruction of the Babri Masjid in 1992. ‘Dostji’ was released in Bengal on November 11 after winning awards at several film festivals in the stranger. Prosenjit Chatterjee was impressed with the film. He introduced himself as the “applicant”. The main characters of the film are played by two child artists Arif Sheikh and Ashikh Sheikh. The number of theaters increased over time. The film was also a box office success.

3. Samrat Sharma: Long worked on the small screen. Then it came to the big screen. Whether this Sharma is an “emperor” as a director is in the belly of the future. But with her debut film “Prosenjit Weds Rituparna”, two industry heavyweights, Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta, got involved. So this couple is also in the film offer? This photo speaks of reality with a smile. The name of the film’s heroine is ‘Rituparna’. And she wants to marry the man named ‘Prosenjit’. He also got married. But the story tells about what happens in the life of the newlyweds after the wedding. This movie is something of a “tribute” to the pair of Tollypara super hits that rocked the 90s box office. Director Samrat wrapped Agapashtala in the story of nostalgia and sweet love.


4. Rahul Mukherjee: The sweet love story of Tintin-Rohini “Kishmish”. This is director Rahul’s first film. Dev-Rukmini is the actual couple in the lead role of the film. What do you want more! Rahul left half of the bet there. Besides the story, the use of VFX in the film, the costume design also caught the eye. The songs also became popular. The film starred Kharaj Mukhopadhyay, Kamleshwar Mukhopadhyay, Anjana Basu, June Mallya and Lily Chakraborty. What will this young director say, “Rahul! It’s called Yad Rahega, isn’t it?”

5. Tathagata Mukherjee: He is already a familiar face in the industry. But who knew there was a hidden director in him besides the actor! After directing several short films, Tathagata appeared this year with his first feature film “Bhatavati”. The first film features new faces Rishabh Bose and Sathana Chatterjee. The story revolves around the main character “Bhatavti” and her discovery of Jalpari. Mischievous people, however, say that Sanatana appeared in the Tathagata’s life as ‘Jalpari’. “Bhatavti” did not do well at the box office. But the film’s visual effects were appreciated. Tathagata’s ex-wife, Devleena Dutta, Mamata Shankar, Dipankar Dey, Rajtav Dutta held other roles.

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