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Riaz comes to visit Babita, Jasim asks him to be a hero


Riaz comes to visit Babita, Jasim asks him to be a hero

Jasim is a popular actor in Bengali cinema. He went from fight director to hero. Got huge popularity. Today is the 24th anniversary of the actor’s death. He died on October 8, 1998, following a cerebral hemorrhage.

On his death anniversary, here are ten special facts about the actor.

1. Jasim’s real name is Abdul Khair Jasim Uddin.

2. In 1973, Jasim started his acting career as a villain in the late Zahirul Haque’s Rangbaaz (Bangladesh’s first action movie).

3. She played the lead role for the first time in Subhas Dutt’s “Sabuj Saathi”.

4. Freedom fighter Jasim fought the invading Pakistani forces led by Major Haider in Sector Two of the Revolutionary War in 1971.

5. Jasim caused a stir with Dewan Nazrul’s “Dost Dushman.” “Dost Dushman” is a remake of Hindi hit movie “Sholay”. He played Gabbar in the film. Even Indian villain Amjad Khan, inspired by the famous character Gabbar Singh in the movie Khod Sholay, praised Jasim.

6. After Jasim’s death, a floor in the FDC is named after him.

7. He was the only hero to portray Shabana as a lover and brother at the same time and both characters were well received by audiences. For example, Shabana who succeeded as Jasim’s sweetheart in ‘Surrender’, Shabana succeeded as Jasim’s older sister in movies like ‘Abdaan’, ‘Mastan Rajar’.

8. It was Jasim who invented today’s hero Riaz. In 1994, Riaz visited BFDC with her cousin Babita and caught the eye of Nayak Jasim. Jasim then proposed to him to act. In 1995, Riyaz starred in a movie titled “Banglar Nayak” with Jasim.

9. Jasim has three sons. Ratul, Rahul, Sami. Among which Ratul and Sami are the bassists and drummers of the group ‘Owned’ (this group is currently a trending group). Rahul is the guitarist of the group ‘Trainwreck’ (drummer of this group which later joined the group Arish) and Sami is the drummer of ‘Porahor’.

ten. Jasim’s first wife was actress Sucharita from Dreamgirl. Later he married Nasreen, daughter of Purnima Sengupta, the heroine of Dhaka’s first Sabak film.

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