Right of unionized workers not to be fired, US court warns Amazon

Right of unionized workers not to be fired, US court warns Amazon

Workers should not be fired for joining a union. They cannot be fired. Simply put, a court in the United States gave this order to one of the global trading companies, Amazon.

U.S. District Court Judge Diane Gujarati said in an order that workers who attempt to unionize cannot be fired or prevented from working.

Judge Diane Gujarati wrote in a 30-page directive: “The Court finds that – Amazon must issue a notice of reinstatement to the employees in addition to rescinding the suspension and providing them with full protections.”

In May this year, allegations surfaced that Amazon officials unlawfully threatened, surveilled and interrogated workers at an Amazon branch in Staten Island, New York, as they attempted to form a union. . Not only that, Amazon fired several employee-managers around this time. Later, the US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) took up the matter.

NLRB Regional Director Kathy Drew King (Kathy Drew King) filed a lawsuit in court. He claimed in court, “Amazon violated labor rights law by firing a worker named Gerald Bryson. The worker had moved to demand protections related to the coronavirus. Then in April 2020, he was fired from Amazon warehouse JFK8 in Staten Island.

In view of this case, Amazon was condemned by the American court.

Staten Island union founder and president Christian Smalls said in a statement after the court order, “It’s time for Amazon and the company’s CEO to respect workers’ rights.”

Earlier, a US Labor Board spokesperson said: ‘Workers have the right to join and form unions under federal labor law, and employers are prohibited from interfering with that right. “.

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