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Rishab Shetty meets Rajinikanth: the director of Kantara, Sri Ramakrishna’s film at Rajinikanth attracts the attention of Internet users


Rishab Shetty meets Rajinikanth: the director of Kantara, Sri Ramakrishna’s film at Rajinikanth attracts the attention of Internet users

Ramakrishna Pic In Rajinikanth’s house: Rishabh Shetty, the director and actor of the popular Kannada film “Kantara”, visited Rajinikanth’s house. Thanks to him, it was seen that there was a picture of Sri Ramakrishna in the house of Rajinikanth.

The photo of the house of Rajinikanth, where we see the photo of Sri Ramakrishna. Photo: Twitter.

Ramakrishna: The Kannada film “Kantara” was a huge success. And the architect of this success, the actor-director of the film Rishabh Shetty recently went to meet the southern superstar Rajinikanth. Rishabh himself shared several photos from his Twitter account. He said Rajinikanth loved his movie ‘Kantara’ very much. However, where there was a lot of hype surrounding this meeting between Rajinikanth and Rishabh, the netpara turned their attention to another photo which is among the photos shared on Twitter. Especially the Bengalis, who are Rajinikanth fans and have seen the movie “Kantara”, got more attention. What is it ? Rishabh Shetty bowing to Rajinikanth. Several photo frames from Rajinikanth’s house can be seen in this photo. In all the films, there are several religious leaders of the country. There is Adi Yogi, Shankaracharya and other religious gurus. And the picture of Sri Ramakrishna was seen with them. And after seeing this photo, the question of Bengalis on social media, is Rajinikanth also a fan of Sri Ramakrishna?

“Kantara” actor-director Rishabh Shetty is literally floating on cloud nine now! On the one hand, such an incredible success of his film, and thanks to this success, meeting Rajinikanth himself, touching his feet. Rishabh considers the southern superstar a “great inspiration”. He touched Rajinikanth’s feet and sought his blessings. Rishabh also wrote a touching note on social media, impressed by the greatness of such a big star.

He writes: “If you praise me once, I will praise you a hundred times. Thank you very much Mr. Rajinikanth. Your appreciation for the film ‘Kantara’ is invaluable to us.” Meanwhile, while talking about Rajinikanth and Rishabh’s meeting, Sri Ramakrishna’s photo at the southern superstar’s house has caught the eye. Netizens say, “As much as Kantara liked the movie, she liked seeing Sri Ramakrishna’s picture in Rajinikanth’s house.”

‘Kantara’ is a recent Kannada film. Rishabh Shetty also acted in the film apart from handling directorial duties. Popular Kannada actress Sapthami Gowda also starred. Although ‘Kantara’ was originally released in Kannada, it later released dubbed versions in various other languages ​​including Hindi. The film did unexpected business at the box office and also received critical acclaim.

In an interview with India Today on the success of ‘Kantara’, Rishabh Shetty said, “No, Homeable Films (the film’s production house) never discussed the numbers with me. The divine power and energy associated with this film has made it a blockbuster today. Also, word of mouth from the people of Karnataka helped a lot in promoting the film. Whoever saw it asked his friend to see the photo at least once. Their sense of pride is key to Kantara’s success.

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The director’s perseverance towards this film is also understood in one of Rishabh’s comments. He told the media that he stopped eating non-vegetarian food 20-30 days before the film was shot.

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