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Rituparna Sengupta took a different path to honor Bappi Lahiri

Rituparna Sengupta took a different path to honor Bappi Lahiri

An era in the tradition of Bengali cinema but Rituparna Sengupta paired with Prosenjit pretty much ruled the roost. Not only as a heroine, Rituparna proved her talent in various roles.

This Rituparna Sengupta is going to be seen in a black comedy movie. Where he starred with famous actors like Govinda Namdev, Rajpal Yadav, Prem Chopra, Anup Jalota.

Rituparna, who traveled to Mumbai for the filming of the film, said that the story of this film is a dark comedy, but not exactly a dark comedy of the familiar type. The story of this film is completely different. As a result, it will be attractive.

However, the name of this film has not yet been decided. But before that, Rituparna dedicated this film to the memory of the late composer, singer Bappi Lahiri.

This is an excellent tribute to a Bengali legend by a Bengali actress. Rituparna said it was Bappi Lahiri who called her to star in this movie. Bappi Lahiri scored his final track in this movie. The late Bappi Lahiri was also one of the film’s producers.

Rituparna said that when Bappi Lahiri called her, it was not possible for her not to do this movie. Incidentally, Rituparna has now started making its mark in Hindi films. The shooting of his film ‘Ittar’ is over. The work of the film titled “Salt” in Bengal has also been completed. — Written with the help of news agencies

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