Robbery seen by a criminal patrol, 3 arrested including Pabiprobi students

Robbery seen by a criminal patrol, 3 arrested including Pabiprobi students

They are all talented. Some of them are studying in college, some in college, and some are preparing for college admission. But it’s amazing but it’s true that these talented students have committed crimes like robbery or robbery in a never-before-seen way after watching Crime Patrol TV series.

Recently, a gang of these educated youths planned to rob two houses in broad daylight in the town of Pabna in a way never before seen. He failed in one of the two because he was completely unarmed and ran away and succeeded in one but was later caught by the police.

Pabna police presented the three members of the college-university criminal gang to reporters on Wednesday afternoon.

Additional Police Superintendent (Crime) Masud Alam detailed these misdeeds of educated youth in a press conference at the Pabna Police Superintendent’s office.

The three students arrested are Likhan Hasan (24), a third-year student in the economics department of Pabna University of Science and Technology (Pabiprabir), he is the son of the late Jamsher Ali from Digha village of Ishwardi Upazila, Pabna. Mohammad Abdullahil Baki Anik (22), a second year English student at Government Edward College, Pabna, is the son of Abdullahil Kafi from Miyapur Sutahati village of Kashiadanga police station in Rajshahi. The other is Bhaduria Dangir from Chartarapur in Pabna Sadar Upazila. Son of Hatem Ali Mondal. Abul Bashar (21), is studying at Focus Coaching for university admission.

Meanwhile, the Pabiprobi administration said action would be taken against arrested student Likhan Hasan.

Police Supplementary Superintendent Masud Alam said the 3 arrested youths are sons of good family. Some of their parents are teachers and some are businessmen. Everyone in the family is educated. They are also talented college and university students. But just watching Crime Patrol or such shows on TV leads to moral degradation.

On January 10, they attempted to enter a home in Pabna Central City posing as medical representatives. At that time, when the people in the house had suspicions, they went to record the video of the youngster. In this situation, the youth ran away from home.

The next day, January 11 at noon, a teacher from the coaching center entered a house in Barabazar neighborhood of Jubilee Tankpara in Pabna town. Then they tied the hands and feet of the housewife of that house and fled with 72,000 taka and 4 loads of gold ornaments.

Meanwhile, the local administration and the police were extremely embarrassed by such theft in the town of Pabna at noon. After that, the police entered the field to unravel the mystery of the incident.

The additional superintendent of police said they were arrested in different areas in raids based on information technology and CCTV footage. After their arrest, they confessed to the crime during preliminary questioning. Later, 31,000 taka in theft cash, 4 pieces of gold ornaments and 4 mobile phones used by the defendants were recovered.

Stating that they will be sent back for questioning, the additional superintendent of police said that even if they are brilliant university or college students, how did they get involved in such a crime – that’s why they must be examined by the court. A return request will be made to this effect.

Meanwhile, contacted Kamal Hossain, supervisor of Pabiprobi, he said that among the 3 arrested, Likhan is their student. But he does not live on campus but outside. Action will be taken if the allegations against him are proven.

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