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Robert Pattinson steps out in a Dior runway skirt

Robert Pattinson steps out in a Dior runway skirt

Robert Pattinson is a fan. In his last public outing, campaigning Batman, takes out an oversized shirt covering his shoulders, Dark Knight style, and pleads for the purchase of XXL cargo shorts. (You could say the trend started with its March 2022 GQ cover, which featured a complete paint and grille change.)

Now the British star has moved on to other things. She stole the eyes of fashion designers, TikTokers and big spenders in the 16th arrondissement when she appeared in a chocolate brown coat and blue skirt at the Dior show in Paris (she’s the brand’s ambassador). Or, shorts and a front skirt (should they call it a skirt?). It was one of the most daring outfits she had ever worn, and for Pattinson no less.

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Now, while this may be the first time she’s worn a skirt, Pattinson isn’t the first male celeb to pair the sparkly outfit paired with womenswear. Kurt Cobain had it in the 90s, and Vin Diesel wore a leather skirt to the MTV Europe Music Awards in Edinburgh in 2003 (Google it!). And it sure looks like we’ve entered a new era of guys’ skirts. Pete Davidson is one of those guys, he plays at the Met Gala. A$AP Rocky gets his at Givenchy. Oscar Isaac portrays Thom Browne’s official number, while Kid Cudi took to Twitter after opening the New York gallery in a black chiffon skirt.

The skirt now speaks to more men, and in a refreshingly casual way. Take for example the Fall/Winter 2023 fashion shows taking place in Europe. The skirt is a common thread. Martin Rose set the wheels in motion when she closed Pitti Uomo’s guest with a group of people wearing denim skirts to the floor. British designer Charles Jeffrey Loverboy sent men walking in tartan skirts and plain skirts. Etro featured long tartan skirts with oversized shirts, while Gucci (which has offered men’s skirts and dresses since 2015) teamed side-split skirts with polo shirts. And of course Pattinson’s skirt is a carbon copy of the pieces seen on the Dior catwalk – Kim Jones sent more than ten of her models down the aisle.

What is clear: as good as it is, Pattinson in a skirt is not so bad.

The story continues British group GQ and the head “Rob Pattinson, in a skirt, doesn’t give a fuck”

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