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‘Rohinga’ Trailer Released, 21 in Theaters


‘Rohinga’ Trailer Released, 21 in Theaters

Dhaka: Directed by Ahiduzzaman Diamond, the film “Rohinga” will hit theaters on October 21.

The trailer for this film was released on Friday, September 30.

On this occasion, a major program was organized at the FDC in the capital. The directors, actors, crews and personalities of the film were present.

Filmmaker Ahiduzzaman Diamond had planned to make a film about the Rohingya who arrived in Bangladesh a long time ago. He had this plan in 2012. After writing the story and script for the movie for a long time, he started producing the movie. Filming in Naf Nadi, Shahpari Island, Ukhia and Teknaf. The director had to shoot with great difficulty amid the influx of Rohingyas.

Director Diamond wants to preserve what happened to the Rohingya in September 2017 as a film and create a future story. Actress Arshi plays the central role in it.

Actress Arshi said in the program that there are some works that I want to say a lot about, but I can’t. Unable to express feelings. Everyone did a great job in this movie. I didn’t play here, I got into character. The public will be able to tell all that I have accomplished.

Filmmaker Ahiduzzaman Diamond said the film was made about the inhuman life of Rohingyas who fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar. It was thought of from the start. In 2017, the day the Rohingya started coming to the country, I rushed to work. It will show various scenes of the inhuman life of the Rohingyas. I think this movie is very important to us right now.

He said, Of course, I would say everyone should watch the movie, talk about how they liked it, whether it was good or bad.

It is the fifth film in the career of National Film Award-winning filmmaker Ahiduzzaman Diamond. Production on the film began in 2017 about the Rohingya crisis. After that, the filming of the film was delayed for various reasons.

If the corona outbreak is somewhat normal, the remaining work of the film will be finished and submitted to the censors. The film received uncut censorship from the censorship board in November last year.

Actress Arshi Hossain, Omar Ayaz Ani, Sagar, Bristhi, Tanjid, Shakiba, Hayatuzzaman, Golam Rabbani Mintu etc. played various roles in the film.

Bangladesh time: 2342 hours, September 30, 2022

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