Ronaldo at the top, Priyanka’s position at number 27!

Ronaldo at the top, Priyanka’s position at number 27!

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has a string of successes. Apart from movies, series, multiple businesses, his income from Instagram also indicates this. The Indian actress is number 27 in Instagram’s earnings list this year.

Priyanka occupied this place leaving behind stars like Emma Watson, David Beckham, Will Smith. Each of his promotional Instagram posts cost around Rs 3 crore in Indian currency. Priyanka is followed by Emma. His income per post is about 2 crore 81 lakhs.

But Priyanka topped that list last year. His name was number 19. This year, the captain of the Indian cricket team Virat Kohli took this place. The price per Indian captain position is around 5 crore 10 lakh rupees.

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Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo tops the list in terms of Instagram earnings. Its postage rate is around 12 crore rupees.

Priyanka is currently busy with work. He has already completed filming Hollywood’s ‘Matrix 4’ and ‘Text for You’. The “Citadel” mini-series is in preparation in London. The actress returned to America after a busy schedule. The actress visited her new restaurant “Sona” in New York.

He said he started this restaurant to show his love for the country. ‘Sona’ is the name of the effort to bring the country’s food to the other hemisphere since childhood.

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