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Roof, song, bengali- The winter town in the seventh aria of traditional panchali – News18 Bangla


Roof, song, bengali- The winter town in the seventh aria of traditional panchali – News18 Bangla

Kolkata: Thatched roof house. The piano has arrived. Jyotidada kept his hands on the piano and composed new tunes. The task for 12-year-old Ravi was to immediately set the tone. Sometimes there was a music session in the garden of the new roof garden. Jyotirindranath Tagore played the violin, Rabindranath Tagore sang. And Kadambari? Sometimes she’s just a listener, sometimes a singer. Their song spread from roof to roof in the setting sky. This Thakurbari event is the first Bengali band?

It can be argued. What won’t stick is the devoted relationship between the roof and the Bengali band. How many bands are scheduled to open on the roof, how many rehearsals are underway! Some of them were useful, some passed under the guise of oblivion. The celebration of the relationship between the rooftop and the band is back in Kolkata, the city recently hosted a rooftop panchali – Courtesy [email protected] The soul of music is linked with seven tunes, this year’s celebration also entered seven years.

Even though this is the seventh season of Chadder Panchali, News Bangla Band has been offering a range of songs from emerging artists for 12 years. The key word of this program is originality – this time 20 new artists impressed the townspeople by performing 40 new songs. One of the features of the program is the gathering of famous and established singers, they are present in the new generation of music, spread the tone of support in the speech. This year’s event was graced by the arrival of Upal Sengupta from Chandrabindu, Abhijit Burman aka Pata from Cactus and Timir Biswas from Fakira. The rooftop panchali also celebrated Timir’s birthday at this leisure. Season seven is full of laughs and songs.

However, all endings lead to beginnings. The same subject came up in the speech of Saik Das, one of the organizers of the program. “Our path is with the responsibility of giving more opportunities to the next generation of musical artists on stage,” he said.

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