Roshni finally got married for the second time

Roshni finally got married for the second time

Entertainment desk: After a long wait, the popular Indian TV screen actress Roshni Bhattacharya has finally married her lover. Married Turya Sen. This popular couple has shed light on the wedding scene in Bengali attire.

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Even though she’s married many times on the TV screen, this actress actually got married for the “second time.” On December 8, the wedding bells rang in their lives in the mood of winter. However, despite sitting on the verge of getting married for the second time, Roshni’s life is not the same as everyone else’s. Because Roshni did not change the bridegroom even after sitting on the wedding steps for the second time.

Roshni Bhattacharya got married to Turya enrolling last year. Later, trouble happened in the social marriage ceremony, following the rules and customs.

Her stepfather died suddenly. And so they couldn’t have the wedding ceremony that year. However, as a year has passed, they will complete the rest of the wedding preparations. Roshni gained popularity with the role of Jagadamba in the Rani Rasmani series. She also became popular thanks to the role of Rohini in the Indian TV series “Godhuli Alap”.

Before the wedding, Roshni said, “I try to follow the rituals as much as possible. But marriage will be according to the Vedas. Since I’ve been married for a year. So this is my wedding number two.

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In the presence of friends, relatives, supporters, they got married in the wedding ceremony. On the wedding day, Roshni was dressed in pink Banarasi and gold jewelry. And Sonali was dressed in Punjabi turaya like a real Bengali son in law.

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