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Rosyln Khan: Chemotherapy will cause hair to fall out, says model with cancer: ‘Be prepared to work with the hair’…


Rosyln Khan: Chemotherapy will cause hair to fall out, says model with cancer: ‘Be prepared to work with the hair’…

Cancer Fighter: Many praise model Rosileen Khan for her toughness. Recently, he was diagnosed with cancer and completed his first chemotherapy.

Times are tough for model Rosilyn Khan. He has cancer. He shared photos from the hospital on Instagram. We see that the actress is leaning on the hospital bed. His first chemotherapy is over. The black hair on the actress’s head will gradually disappear within a few days. Along with this, there will be extreme physical pain. Sharing this photo (as seen in the photo) of herself lying in a hospital bed, Roselyn wrote to the famous brand, “You must be prepared to work with nude models.”

Rosilyn rose to fame doing photo shoots for PETR (People of the Ethical Treatment of Animals). A few days ago, he told his colleagues about his illness and said he would start chemotherapy in a few days. He also wrote in a touching message: “God puts strong soldiers like him in the toughest fight. It’s a chapter of my life. I trust in hope. Every broken moment gives me the strength to carry on. This fight is short. And I know beautiful people are praying for me day and night. I also know that one or the other is for the best. I am the “good”. My only symptoms of this disease were neck and back pain. At first, I thought it was painful to do gymnastics. But then I saw something else. Anyway, the disease was caught a long time ago.

After that, Rosilyn wrote, “I want to tell every brand that my chemo will continue for the next 7 months. I will be able to work from the second week of each month. I’m going to have chemotherapy at the beginning of the week. Then I have to rest for a week. You have to find the courage to work with a model. From now on, I have decided to live each day as I live.”

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Rosilyn starred alongside Rajneesh Duggal in Sameer Anjan’s “A Vi Ja” music video. He toured for PETA and IPL (Indian Premier League) at one point. He had the opportunity to work in many article songs. There was an opportunity to display the body. Rosileen broke during Corona. He was sitting at home doing nothing. I wanted to do something new. Desperate to prove to everyone that there are plenty of other tasks waiting for girls besides showing off their bodies. It was then that Sameer got the opportunity to work in Anjan’s music video. He said, “Roselyn is back. I won’t even do a bikini shoot. I will not show my body. I am new to this industry and have learned a lot from my past. I want to explore my own work.

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