Rubel admitted he proposed to the on-screen actress two years ago he is in love with Shweta.


Rubel admitted he proposed to the on-screen actress two years ago he is in love with Shweta.

Bangladeshi office: The hero and heroine on the screen fall in love while working together in films, soap operas. The same goes for the Yamuna and the music of ‘Jomuna Dhaki’. They fall in love with each other both in reality and on screen. Actor Rubel Das revealed the glad tidings on the auspicious day of Durga Puja.

Jamuna Sangeet’s off-screen relationship has been questioned many times. Rumors circulated a long time ago that Rubel is in love with Sweta Bhattacharya. Shweta was furious and denied all the rumours. He also said they were in an estranged relationship.

But for the past few days, Shweta’s social media account has been saying otherwise. A few days ago, Rubel was also seen with family members and close friends on Shweta’s birthday. The moment the screen heroine was fed, the cake was filmed. The rumors have since started again.

However, Rubel did not dodge this time. In an interview with a media, he admitted that they were in love and they did it very intimately. Rubel shyly admits that their love is moving at the speed of an express. The proposal was made by Rubel two years ago.

Rubel Shweta learned dance in the same dance group. From there to play. So the identity was already there. Shweta fell in love while working at ‘Yamuna Dhakai’. Rubel said they were a couple. But no one knows that much except family members.

In fact, according to Rubel, now the relationship is very strong. Moreover, in the world of entertainment, the news of the separation of one couple after another is often heard. So Rubel Shweta wants to give himself time. Get to know yourself first. Then watch the special day and tell the fans everything. For now, Rubel Shweta enjoys each other’s company.

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