Rumors about Pooja’s personal life are now a legal action


Rumors about Pooja’s personal life are now a legal action

Actress Pooja Cherry. Photo: Collected


Actress Pooja Cherry. Photo: Collected

Actress Pooja Cherry has made it clear that she will take legal action against rumors about her personal life.

Recently, a section of netizens passed the rumor of a relationship with actor Shakib Khan from love to marriage. This changes religion again. The heroine issued a stern warning to stop such rumors.

In an internet post, Pooja Cheri said, “I have been noticing for the past few days that various false rumors are being created related to my name in another person’s personal life. I’m attracted to various channels, including posts from Facebook’s personal login page or YouTube. I avoided the subject from the start. Because I have no relationship with these; Especially since there is only a professional relationship as an artist. Personally, I am very upset about this case. I think these things need to be stopped.

Pooja added, “Some of those who spread false rumors about me also do so from positions of responsibility. If false rumors spread in the future without any verification of truth and lies and without my statement, I specify that I will be obliged to take strict measures according to the current laws of the country, because I respect the law. I wish everyone’s blessings, may everyone’s well-being and wisdom manifest.

Pooja Cherry’s film “Hridita” is currently playing in theaters.

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