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Rumors about Salman Khan’s new love interest

Rumors about Salman Khan’s new love interest

Bollywood star ‘Salman Khan’ and ‘love’ are synonymous! So far, Salman has no idea how many actresses he has fallen in love with. But he couldn’t settle anywhere. He’s only in love, he hasn’t decided to get married yet.

There are rumors of falling in love with Salan again. Salman floats through the air in Bollywood with a girl his own age. Akanta is in love with him. Bhaijan has fun in the game of giving and taking hearts.

Some say Salman Khan’s life is as colorful as his photos. Really like that. For now, the 56-year-old hero is floating in the tide of love. We hear that Salman is in love with his colleague Pooja Heggar. The hero spends his days with him. But they very consciously keep the relationship a secret.

Pooja has shared the screen with Salman before. They will be seen together in the movie ‘Kisika Bhai Kisika Jaan’. We hear that he has signed two more films with Salman’s production company.

It should be noted that Pooja is the popular face of Southern cinema. He has also made several films in Bollywood. This actress has always kept her personal life a secret. Even this did not suppress the rumor of a new love! However, the two stars are reluctant to open their mouths about it. Instead, they want to be in love.


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