Rupanjana Mitra Worried About Aspiring Actresses Using ‘Sugar Daddy’ For Work


Rupanjana Mitra Worried About Aspiring Actresses Using ‘Sugar Daddy’ For Work

Edited by: Suparna Majumder | Posted: September 5, 2022 11:12 a.m.| Updated: September 5, 2022 11:12 a.m.

Daily digital news desk: Actress Rupanjana Mitra worries about girls who hire “sugar daddies” to find work. He expressed his thoughts in a Facebook post. These girls won’t be like Arpita Mukherjee (Arpita Mukherjee)? Apprehension of the actress.


Arpita Mukhopadhyay’s current address is Alipore Women’s Correctional Facility after being held in the ER. Along with Partha Chatterjee, he was also arrested in the SSC corruption case. There have been many discussions about his relationship with the former education minister. Referring to her name, Rupanjana wrote on Facebook: “I want to say one thing to those girls who are looking for a ‘sugar daddy’ in the industry to get a job. The age of the girls is between 16 and 20 years old. Do you already understand the rules of the industry? Some even threw birthday parties with these ostentatious ‘sugar daddies’ and some of the insecure performers in our industry, the directors go ‘Just lik that…’”.

[আরও পড়ুন: বড় ঘোষণার আভাস দেবের, তারকার প্রযোজনাতেই কি ‘নটি বিনোদিনী’ রুক্মিণী?]

Then the actress asked the question, “Will these girls be like Arpita in the future? Thinking is too much. These girls don’t have parents to guide them? Are their own parents giving in? What do those who don’t want to read in this ‘food chain’ do? Even those girls who want to work in the film industry. Will you be with them?”


It is noteworthy that in 2011 Arpita starred in a series called “Bidehir Chhoke Rabindranath”. He was then only 19 years old. It is learned that the Minister of Industries at the time, Partha Chattopadhyay, met Arpita that year. Then gradually increased the proximity to the minister. In 2017, Arpita acted in a Tamil movie titled “Chinnama Love” which means “Aunt’s Love”. Also acted in several Oriya films. However, Arpita’s name made headlines more than Arpita’s acting fame.


[আরও পড়ুন: শেষ পালা! নাটকের মাঝেই মৃত্যু হনুমানের চরিত্রাভিনেতার, অভিনয় ভেবে হাততালি দর্শকদের]

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