Saba washed the fan by writing ‘ch…walk’ in the film


Saba washed the fan by writing ‘ch…walk’ in the film

Apart from acting in Bollywood, Saba Azad is also a model and singer by profession. He entered Bollywood in 2008 with the film ‘Dil Kabaddi’. He was then seen performing in ‘Mujhse Friendship Karoge’ in 2011 and ‘Feels Like Ishq’ in 2021.

Also acted in several short films. He also worked as a theater director. Saba is also well known in the music world. Owns his own catering business.

However, Saba Azad is widely known in Bollywood as the lover of popular actor Hrithik Roshan. She often meets Hrithik Roshan at various parties. Recently, she appeared at Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha’s wedding holding Hrithik’s hand.

At Richa-Ali’s wedding, Saba wore a green suit with a matching veil. Hair in a bun, red lipstick, diamond jewelry around her neck and ears. Overall it shone. Saba also shared a photo wearing this outfit on Instagram.

Meanwhile, instead of appreciating Saba’s beautiful look, a fan dragged her to the comment box in the image opposite. As soon as the matter was brought to attention, Saba completely washed this fan.

The fan named Shruti commented, “Looking at you…walking…looking, whatever it is, you can figure it out yourself.”

Sharing this comment and a screenshot of Shruti’s profile on her Instagram story, Saba wrote, “Here is Shruti, apparently also in love with her love. But again to show your hate by following me. There are many like him here… don’t be like Shruti… don’t follow me with an open mind By the way, Shruti hasn’t encountered the block button yet, but will be introduced very soon.

As reported by Hindustan Times, Saba wore the mark “Raw Mango” during Richa-Ali’s wedding ceremony. The cost of her dress is more than one and a half million.

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