Sachin’s daughter Sara will be seen in Bollywood, heroines will also be ace

Sachin’s daughter Sara will be seen in Bollywood, heroines will also be ace

Entertainment desk: The father is a former Indian cricketer and the daughter enters Bollywood. The daughter of legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, Sara Tendulkar is set to make her Bollywood debut very soon.


For now, he is working day and night to make himself eligible for Bollywood. In terms of beauty, Sara can beat even Bollywood actresses. So if he enters Bollywood, Alia, Deepika, Katrina will be his concern.

There have been many speculations about Sachin’s daughter Sara entering Bollywood for a long time. Sara has already started modeling after leaving the fog to come to the movies. Bollywood has a deep connection with cricket. Many Bollywood beauties today are wives of cricket stars. But this time, the reversal will happen. The cricket star’s daughter is now the future Bollywood heroine.

A few days ago, Sara was seen working with famous fashion designers. Sara’s mother is a doctor, but they also taught her daughter medicine. In addition to studying medicine, Sara also took acting classes. In fact, he wants to prepare before entering Bollywood. From beauty to food, nothing is forgotten. The daughter, like the father, is very concerned about her physical form!

Sara is very active on Instagram. He often shares photos of different moments of his life there. Even before entering Bollywood, his fan base has now exceeded 23 lakhs. Her profile is filled with photos and videos of everything from bodybuilding to the gym, consistently. You can’t look away when you see Sarah in sportswear.

Sachin’s daughter has many qualities. Apart from being an actress and a model, she also participates in marathons. It takes care of body and mind together. He strengthened his spirit by doing yoga every day. On days when you can’t go to the gym, you do light exercises at home. Sachin also has faith in yoga with his daughter. In general, Sachin does not neglect his body, nor does he allow his daughter to do so.

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Sara has a great sense of food and drink. He doesn’t eat food outside except for home cooked food. However, he is sometimes seen in restaurants to taste some of his favorite dishes. One of his favorite foods is pasta. “White sauce with pasta”, even on a strict diet, this Italian restaurant is sure to please.

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