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Sahaj asked, I didn’t come to take the exam: Nazifa Tushi


Sahaj asked, I didn’t come to take the exam: Nazifa Tushi

Nazifa Tushi, the heroine of the popular film ‘Hawa’, was present at the unveiling ceremony of the logo for the country’s first ‘Hockey Champions Trophy’ franchise today. Come to the hockey event and express no reaction to hockey? At the end of the event, the rising actress faced the media.

There were many TV cameras around Tushi. The questions also came from everyone differently. But Tushi is no longer a game person. His simple confession, ‘I have no idea about hockey. I am not an athlete. And ask me simple questions, I did not come to take the exam, brother.

How interested are you in hockey? In response to such a question, Tushi said, “First of all, I’m not a sportsman. My workplace is different. But yes, we all love sports. I watch sports as much as possible. I like hockey. However, hockey is not played as much as cricket in our country. The initiative taken this time is good for hockey. I want hockey to win the World Cup. It’s the wait. Because the people of our country are very strong. They are very energetic when it comes to sports. So why will hockey be left behind?

Sports films are made in different countries. If there is a movie like this in Bangladesh, will you perform? – In response to the question, Tushi said, “Of course. That’s why you don’t see me practicing to learn (laughs). If it ever comes in handy. If so, that’s very good. If I can play a character who has contributed to sports and has many sports-related stories in their life. It would be great if I could work in such a role. Let it be any game.

Mentioning that the popularity of hockey will increase through the franchise league, Tushi said, “The popularity of hockey will definitely increase under this arrangement. Some time ago, I was watching the performance of children’s hockey. awesome I’m impressed. Hockey has good prospects if we plan properly and provide support.


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