Sahar Afsa announced that she would stop acting and focus on worship


Sahar Afsa announced that she would stop acting and focus on worship

Showbiz is not a new phenomenon without an arena. However, Bhojpuri actress Sahar Afsa has announced that she is leaving the showbiz arena and living by the rules of Islam.

The silver screen actress announced her decision in a post on Instagram. Earlier, Sana Khan, ‘Bigg Boss girl’, Dangal actress Zaira Wasim also left the glamorous world by following the ideals of Islam.

Bhojpuri actress Sahar Afsa recently shared a post on social media. He wrote, Dear brothers and sisters, In remembrance of Merciful Allah, I have decided to leave showbiz. I won’t have anything to do with the world of money for a long time. I will spend the rest of my life worshiping Allah.

Speaking to fans, the actress also wrote, “I’m grateful to my fans for the name Yash, the fame, the respect.” Along with this there is a blessing. As a child, I never thought I would achieve so much success in life. All of a sudden I entered the film world and from there my film career took off. But now I have decided to leave the world of money altogether. The rest of life will follow the ideal shown by God.

Sana Khan applauds Bhojpuri actress Sahar Afsa’s decision. In the comments, the TV actress wrote, Masha Allah, I am very happy for you. May Allah grant all the wishes of your life. I hope your decision will inspire others.

At the very end of her speech, actress Sahar Afsa writes, I am leaving the world of money, but I want everyone to respect my decision. Pray for me that Allah helps me. Can I obey the laws of my Lord.

May Allah give me the strength to pursue my resolve to spend my life in the service of humanity. I hope I remember not for my past life, but for the next life.

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