Sajid told the actress, “I can’t stand seeing a girl!”


Sajid told the actress, “I can’t stand seeing a girl!”

Director Sajid Khan and Bollywood actress Gauahar Khan.

Director Sajid Khan’s name has been implicated in the “Me Too” movement. From actresses to journalists, everyone has accused Sajid of sexual harassment. Everyone who accused Sajid in the “Me Too” movement shares their experiences. With this in mind, the director was practically exiled from Bollywood.

But the appearance of Sajid Khan’s “Bigg Boss” sparked protests across the country. And this ‘Bigg Boss’ winner, Gauhar Khan, came up with some sensational information about Sajid Khan.

Gowhar Khan said that when she was Sajid Khan’s girlfriend, Sajid Khan told her “her character is not good at all”. He couldn’t control himself when he saw the girl. After hearing this from Sajid, Gauhar Khan decided to break up.

After the split, Sajid Khan openly said, “I didn’t have the strength of character at that time.” I used to win women’s hearts and betray them. It was my hobby.

Not only Gauahar Khan, Sajid Khan has been accused of sexual harassment by Bhojpuri film actress Rani Chattopadhyay. She alleged that Sajid called her at home and asked to know the size of her breasts. Not only that, Sajid also wanted to know how many times I had sex.

Actress Charlene Chopra recently accused Sajid of sexual harassment again. He said, Sajid showed him the special coins. Charlene then asked Bigg Boss host Salman Khan not to support Sajid.

According to a report by the Indian media The Times of India, following this demonstration, the authorities of ‘Bigg Boss’ are shaken. Sajid Khan will make a big decision next week to avoid controversy.

We hear that Sajid could leave “Bigg Boss”. Basically, the decision to drop Sajid is made to avoid controversy. The ‘Bigg Boss’ team also held various meetings on this subject. Salman Khan was also present at this meeting. Salman’s support for Sajid did not last.

The new season of the show ‘Bigg Boss’ started on October 1st. Sultan Salman Khan of Bollywood is the host. Sajid Khan, Farha Khan’s brother and famous Bollywood director, came as a contestant for this show. This is why the controversy started. After the “me too” movement, the question arises as to how a person like Sajid is brought to the big siege.

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