Salma sang lyrics and tunes by poet Siddharth Tipu

Salma sang lyrics and tunes by poet Siddharth Tipu

Recently, two songs “Ashru Nadihan Dheu” and “Yatne Rakhiyo” sung by artist Salma Close-up One were released. Both songs are written and composed by poet Siddharth Tipu. The constant of the first song – “Friend you are lost in the other unknown sky / How many stars are floating in the fountain of light, far away.”

In this song, the traditional Bengali melody is expressed in poetic harmony. The second song will also captivate the audience. Siddharth Tipu is essentially a decade zero poet. He started writing songs as a hobby. Again, he airs these songs himself.

Expressing his feelings on songwriting, Siddharth said: Growing up in a non-musical and anti-cultural environment, I had no formal education in music. This little effort that I show or try to understand the melody and music is purely due to a deep passion and love for music. Special thanks to Salma – she took my words and tone in her voice so lovingly.

Artist Salma said, “I did two Siddharth Tipu Bhai songs – ‘Ashru Nidar Heu’ and ‘Yatne Rakhiyo’.” I really like both songs. However, the fascination with the song ‘River of Tears’ is a bit more. Although the song ‘Yatne Rakhiyo’ has already gained huge popularity. My channel ‘Salma Music’ is brand new. I never boost my channel content. My real audience listens to the songs and makes good comments. These two songs are about loneliness. Those who like songs that are a little sad, those who listen to the songs in moments of solitude, hope they like it. Many thanks to Siddharth Tipu Bhai – for creating two such beautiful songs for me. I hope we will work together more in the future.”

Both songs are composed by Rohan Raj. Video produced by ND Durjoy and Mishu. Video edited by Jeevan Chandra Das. Both songs were released from Salma’s official channel “Salma Music”.

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