Salman Khan’s business started in Dhaka, his brother inaugurated it


Salman Khan’s business started in Dhaka, his brother inaugurated it

Bollywood actor Salman Khan started his business in Bangladesh. He himself had given this information earlier. Finally, the outlet of the organization of Salman Khan ‘Being Human’ was inaugurated in Banani of the capital. Salman Khan’s brother, Sohail Khan, was present and inaugurated the outlet.

Sohail Khan attended the event held on Thursday (September 15) around 2 p.m. A group of dancers welcomed him singing and dancing. Sohail Khan himself also participated in the dance. The company’s CEO, Sanjeev Rao, and Salman Khan’s nephew, Ayan Agnihotri, were present with Sohail Khan at the opening ceremony.

In this case, said Sohail Khan, “Being Human” is a charity. It is managed by the Salman Khan Foundation. Works on the education and health of underprivileged children. Salman Khan and his family are happy to open their showroom in Dhaka. If it becomes popular here, other branches of the company will be launched in Bangladesh.

He said, it’s very good to see you here. Because every person is happy. Everyone seems to be happy. It also seems that everyone is a partner in this Salman Khan initiative. But I was very nervous before coming here. I said to myself, you will accept me instead of Salman!

He (Salman) is very busy now. Multiple tasks at once. That’s why I came, added Sohail Khan.

In 2012, the “Being Human” movement started in Mumbai, India to support helpless people. Part of the profits from the sale of this clothing brand is dedicated to the education and health of the underprivileged population. Ar Rehman and Mohaimin Mustafa are the franchise owners in Bangladesh.

So far, Salman runs his charitable fashion trust in over 500 outlets in 15 countries around the world.


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