Salman Shah turns 51 today


Salman Shah turns 51 today

Entertainment counter: Prince of Bengali films. Skyrocketing popularity two decades after death. Achieved success working in films for only four years. A short-lived career continues all the same in the world of money. Dhallywood star Salman Shah’s 51st birthday today.

Salman Shah fans and showbiz stars express their emotions in various ways on Facebook. Show respect and love. The faithful organized small programs to commemorate the day.

Salman Shah was born on September 19, 1971 in Dariapara, Sylhet. Father’s name is Kamruddin Chowdhury. Mother’s name is Neela Chowdhury. The eldest son of the family, Salman’s nickname is Shahriar Chowdhury Imon. But in the movies he was known to everyone as Salman Shah.

Salman Shah has acted in 27 films in just four years of career. Some of the films she has acted in include “Antare Antare”, “Sujan Sakhi”, “Swapner Nayak”, “Swapner Adrees”, “Chawa To Pava Pawa”, “Jeevan Sansar”, “Prem Priyasi”, “Satya Mritti Nei ‘, ‘Mother ‘Adhikari’, ‘This house is this world’, ‘I want you’, ‘Tears of joy’, ‘Fire in my heart’ etc.

Actress Shabnoor’s pairing with Salman Shah was the most popular. Fans say they are the best pair in the history of Bengali movies. Each photo of this duo is a super hit. Their on-screen chemistry was eye-catching. The actual chemistry has also been hotly debated. Shabnoor’s relationship with Salman Shah at this time is still more or less disputed.

On Salman Shah’s birthday, Shabnoor gave an emotional status on his Facebook, ‘Birthday of immortal hero Salman, stay well dear, your emptiness is constantly felt by Dhaliwood’ You were ahead of your age!

Fans think Salman was able to spread so much light because he came for a short time, the scar was removed. The scar that remains bright even after all these years of his departure. His absence and his premature departure still burn the hearts of the Bengalis. He is called the best hero of the 90s.

Salman Shah married Samira Haque, the daughter of his aunt’s girlfriend, on August 12, 1992, the year before his film debut. Samira was a saleswoman in a beauty salon. She also worked as Salman’s costume designer in two of his films.

After five years of married life, on September 6, 1996, news of Salman’s death suddenly spread. That day, his body was found hanging from the ceiling fan of his home in Iskaton, Dhaka. Although the autopsy report mentions a “suicide”, his death remains a mystery.

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