Salman Shah, who was his own rival


Salman Shah, who was his own rival

Salman is the only hero who managed to create universal acceptance and establish himself as an icon of youth style. Salman Shah abolished the habit of going to theaters for educated, middle-class audiences. They accepted Salman as their favorite hero. After the release of the movie ‘Kayamat To Keayamat’, Bangladeshi movies are expected to have a new life. Then continue. Salman’s career continued to add one wing of success after another. Salman Shah has maintained his popularity from the first film to the last. Salman teamed up with Moushumi in the first film, but later Salman formed a successful pair with Shabnoor. Each film of the Salman-Shabnoor duo has become a golden past in the history of Bengali cinema. Other than that, Shabnaaz, Shahnaz, Lima, Shilpi, Shyama, Sonia, Brishti, Sabrina, and Kanchi acted in tandem with Salman.

Salman’s film career is only four years old. He ruled alone for a short time. Business gave 27 films during these four years. Films starring Salman Shah are ‘Kayamat To Keayamat’ (1993), ‘Tumi Amar’, ‘Antare Antare’, ‘Sujan Sakhi’, ‘Bikshov’, ‘Sneh’, ‘Love Juddha’ (1994), ‘Kanyadan ‘, ‘Denmohar’, ‘Swapner Address’, ‘Anjuman’, ‘Mahamilan’, ‘Asha Bhalosha’ (1995), ‘Bichar Hoe’, ‘Ei Ghar Ei Samsar’, ‘Priyajan’, ‘Tomake Chai’, ‘Dream World’, ‘Truth Does Not Die’, ‘Jivan Sansara’, ‘Mother’s Right’, ‘Chawa Te Pava’ (1996), ‘Prempiasi’, ‘Dream Hero’, ‘Sudhu Tumi’, ‘Anand Ashru’ and ‘ Fire In The Chest’ (1996). 1997).

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