Salman’s Dham did the job, “The family survived thanks to the brother”, Gadgad Rakhi

Salman’s Dham did the job, “The family survived thanks to the brother”, Gadgad Rakhi

Bangladeshi office: Rakhi Sawant finally got a happy ending after a lot of turmoil, controversy, crying. Adil Khan Durani accepted her as his wife. At first he denied nikah but recently he turned 360 degree and accepted Rakhi as his wife in media. How to change so much at once? Rakhi’s words made everything clear.

No, Adil didn’t understand you. On the contrary, he accepted Nikah because of the persuasion of a Bollywood superstar. This superstar is none other than Salman Khan himself. Adil changed his mind on his phone. After that, he recognized Rakhi in public. Recently, the actress herself said so in front of the paparazzi.

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Rakhi developed a very close relationship with Salman due to his participation in Bigg Boss on several occasions. Previously, Salman and his brother Sohail Khan were there with financial help during his mother’s illness. This time too, Bhaijaan stood beside Rakhi’s danger.

Recently, Rakhi clashed with the paparazzi with Adil. He said on camera, “Brother (Salman Khan) loves him very much.” I also spoke to my brother. My brother had to call’. After that, Rakhi said, “Can a brother refuse to marry a sister? If brother’s phone comes, then something’s gonna happen, right? »

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Adil also admitted that Salman called him. Praising the actor, he said, he is a very sweet and humble person. He said some things to Adil on the phone. Hearing Rakhi’s comment, “My grandfather Salman saved my family”.

Earlier, Adil said that his family could not accept Rakhi yet. Rakhi is known as the queen of Bollywood entertainment. His clothes are extravagant, his behavior is almost “exaggerated”. Adil says his family has not accepted Rakhi yet. But trying to adapt is still ongoing. That’s why he hasn’t accepted Nikah till now.

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