Samsung in the top 5 global brands of 2022

Samsung in the top 5 global brands of 2022

Samsung in the top 5 global brands of 2022

November 15, 2022 4:03:57 p.m.

Samsung in the top 5 global brands of 2022

Information Technology Office: Samsung Electronics was recently recognized as one of the top five global brands of 2022 by international brand consultancy Interbrand. Samsung has maintained brand value growth above 10% for two consecutive years.

Samsung brand value is valued at $87.7 billion, up 17% from last year’s growth of $74.6 billion in 2021, according to Interbrand. helped the company rank among the top five for three consecutive years.

Each year, Interbrand names the best global brands, taking into account a number of factors, including the company’s financial performance, the impact of the brand on consumer purchases and the competitiveness of the brand. This year, Interbrand’s recognition recognizes Samsung Electronics’ continued efforts to restore financial performance to pre-pandemic levels and innovate products for a better customer experience.

Interbrand cites several factors as the reason for Samsung Electronics’ success. These include the creation of an on-device experience division to improve coordination and provide a seamless experience for customers, the launch of a customer experience center to strengthen the company’s multi-device connection experience. company, the inclusion of SmartThinks in its product categories for Inclusive Ecosystems and Multi-Device Experiences and Inclusive Ecosystems. Through continued investment in cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G, Automotive & Robotics and Samsung’s Future Generation Lab.

YH Lee, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Electronics, said, “Samsung Electronics has been able to achieve double-digit growth in tape value for two consecutive years. This achievement has been supported by our global customers. The entire organization works as a team to deliver an improved and satisfying customer experience.

Samsung provides advanced customer service under the banner of an international brand in Bangladesh. According to the Brand Equity Study conducted by the Bangladesh Brand Forum, Samsung has been recognized as the No. 1 mobile phone brand in Bangladesh for four consecutive years. Samsung has also captured a significant market share in sales of consumer electronics such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens and air conditioners. Samsung as a brand can be called the charioteer of “Innovation” in Bangladesh by offering innovative products. Samsung has proven itself in various categories with constant innovation. Samsung’s recent innovations are: Samsung Galaxy Fold/Flip series, Samsung NeoQ LED 8K TV. Samsung has launched a new Galaxy A04S model in the domestic market to provide the latest products to customers. It is an economical handset. Samsung consumer electronics also marketed products at different price points depending on the socio-economic status of buyers.

In addition to this achievement, Samsung Electronics was recently ranked #1 in the 2022 World’s Best Employers list by Forbes. With this, the brand was recognized as the best employer for the third consecutive year. Forbes recognizes the best employers each year, taking into account factors such as image, economic footprint, talent development, gender equality and social responsibility. Samsung Electronics has always put its employees first, and the brand is also committed to providing the best working environment for employees.

(PR/SP/November 15, 2022)

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