Samsung may put its free TV Plus streaming app on TVs from other manufacturers

Samsung may put its free TV Plus streaming app on TVs from other manufacturers

Samsung TV Plus, the app with hundreds of free channels, may eventually make its way to other non-Samsung TVs. That’s according to media technology journalist Janko Roettgers, writing low pass Newsletter that Samsung is in talks to bring its streaming app to TCL TV.

Introduced in 2015, Samsung TV Plus is a free ad-supported (FAST) streaming service that comes pre-installed on newer Samsung TVs. The service allows viewers to browse a collection of channels, just like you would with a traditional television service.

Samsung TV Plus has pretty strong content for a free app, adding popular shows like Samsung Top speed, Law and Order Special Victims Unit, NCISAnd fire in chicago last August. It also offers a range of local and national news channels as well as Samsung-produced channels such as Ride or Drive and The Movie Hub. TV Plus currently has around 1,600 channels in 24 different countries and 220 channels in the United States.

It looks like Samsung wants to turn its TV Plus service into a floating app

Although the company has floated the idea of ​​licensing individual channels to other TV makers, a source told Reuters that those talks “appear to have broken down”. That’s why Samsung has shifted gears to offer full-featured TV Plus apps from third-party manufacturers instead. Over the years, Samsung has expanded the reach of TV Plus, making the service available on Galaxy devices, the web, and even some Family Hub refrigerator models.

Other TV makers, including TCL, LG and Vigo, have their own free streaming apps, which compete with services that aren’t tied to specific TVs, including Paramount’s Pluto TV, NBC’s Peacock, Tubi from Fox, Roku and Freevi from Amazon. . It looks like Samsung wants to turn its TV Plus service into a floating app, but it’s unclear if other manufacturers will want the app on their TVs – or if the app will succeed.

As Roettgers points out, “the success of FAST services is closely linked to the level of promotion they receive at the platform level”, for example when they are integrated into the interface of a television or as of a button on a remote control. edge Samsung was not immediately contacted for comment.

In August, Samsung said TV Plus had grown its viewership by 100% over the past year and viewers had streamed 3 billion hours globally. A pending report last appointment According to data obtained by S&P Market Intelligence Outlet, the overall growth of the FAST market is evidenced by the fact that the US FAST market was expected to generate around $4 billion in revenue last year and could grow to around $4 billion out of $9 billion. by 2026. .

Although I don’t own a Samsung TV myself, I have to say that I appreciate the variety of free content I can browse on LG channels. For me, it’s a lot less daunting to flip through the channels and finally decide what I want to watch, rather than having hundreds of shows in front of me on Netflix or Hulu.

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