Samsung wants to be the producer of the latest chips


Samsung wants to be the producer of the latest chips

Samsung wants to be at the top of the global semiconductor market in the next five years. And with that goal in mind, this South Korean electronics giant plans to produce chips in 2 nanometers by 2025 and 1.4 nanometers by 2027.
Samsung has maintained a strong position in the global technology products market through the production of consumer electronics and memory chips. Samsung is now looking to take on Taiwanese rival TMMC by increasing its chipmaking capabilities. Earlier this year, Samsung launched production of 3-nanometer transistor semiconductor chips.
Samsung is the world’s second largest chipmaker by revenue; The company holds 17.3% of the semiconductor market. But TSMC is in the lead with 52.9% of the market.
TSMCO will begin manufacturing chips on the 3 nanometer process this year. By 2025, the company plans to produce chips in a 2-nanometer process. However, TSMC has yet to make an announcement regarding the 1.4 nanometer chip. CNBC reported that the pace of semiconductor activity in the global market is also slowing. According to the US Semiconductor Industry Association, global sales of semiconductor chips fell 3.4% in August from July. Even in this situation, Samsung plans to triple the capacity of the latest chip production by 2027.

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