Samsung’s 200-megapixel sensor is gaining popularity

Samsung’s 200-megapixel sensor is gaining popularity

Samsung unveiled a 200-megapixel sensor last year for the first time in the world. It takes a while to unfold on different smartphones. Slowly but surely, 200 megapixel camera phones started gaining popularity. The Honor 80 series is the latest to add this sensor.

According to SamMobile’s report, the Honor 80 Pro Plus phone uses a 200-megapixel Isocell HP1 camera sensor. There is no detailed information about the phone using other sensors. It is believed to have a 50-megapixel ultra-wide camera as well as a telephoto lens. It has a 1.5K AMOLED display. The processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The RAM can be 12 GB. Moreover, it uses a fingerprint reader, a stereo speaker as well as a 100 watt ultra-fast charger.

The Motorola X30 Pro was the first smartphone to use Samsung’s Isocell HP1 sensor. Later, it rebranded itself in the international market as Moto Edge 30 Ultra. Samsung’s 200-megapixel camera sensor is also used in Xiaomi 12 Pro phones. It is even used in Infinix flagship phones.

Samsung plans to introduce more ultra-high resolution camera sensors in the coming days. The company is even said to be moving forward with ambitious plans to bring a 600-megapixel camera sensor. This sensor cannot be used in smartphones, but can be used in self-driving cars.

Smartphone rear camera image sensors continue to improve despite supply shortages in recent quarters. Even affordable smartphones add high-resolution main cameras.

Ethan Key, principal analyst at Counterpoint Research, said of the market shift towards high-res phones that 48 and 64 megapixel cameras have become commonplace in phones priced between $200 and $400. . On the other hand, flagship smartphones focus on larger sensors to deliver DSLR-like performance. A 50 megapixel sensor is used in most cases. In the second quarter, the share of 108-megapixel smartphones was 3.1%. Smartphone companies like Redmi and Realme also use 108-megapixel rear cameras in midrange phones.

A number of Samsung’s high-end smartphones over the past few years have used a 108-megapixel camera sensor. The South Korea-based tech giant announced the use of the 200-megapixel Isocell HP1 sensor in the Galaxy S23 phone which will be unveiled in 2023. Recently, they took a picture of a monstrous cat using this image sensor. Tech giants like Apple and Google won’t want to be left out as Samsung goes far in terms of image sensors. According to a recent report from PhoneArena, they have asked their sensor vendors to work with 100 megapixel sensors.

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