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Sandeep Roy recalled old memories Coming to inaugurate the Satyajit Roy Film Festival in siliguri

Sandeep Roy recalled old memories Coming to inaugurate the Satyajit Roy Film Festival in siliguri

#Siliguri: The whole Roy family at the inauguration of the biggest film festival on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the famous director Satyajit Ray. A film festival on Satyajit Ray was held in Siliguri under the guidance of Dinbandhu Manch Advisory Committee and Darjeeling District Information Culture Department. Sandeep Roy, son of Satyajit Ray and famous director, came to the inauguration of the festival. But he was not alone, he appeared with the whole family. The whole family is happy to see the film festival organized in such a big way on the father.

On this day, the colorful procession started from the front of Siliguri Kanchenjunga Stadium and ended at Deenbandhu Manch where famous filmmaker and son of Satyajit Ray Sandeep Roy, Mayor of Siliguri Gautam Dev, Deputy Mayor Ranjan Sarkar , Chairman of Siliguri Subdivision Council inaugurated the Satyajit Ray Film Festival by lighting lamps by Arun Ghosh and other guests. That day he was introduced to movies outside the home.

Sandeep Roy was seen reminiscing about filming days in North Bengal with his father. The festival is organized by the Advisory Committee of Deen Bandhu Manchar. 19 films by Satyajit Ray will be screened at Deenbandhu Manch from today to January 21. The international film festival is held annually in the city of Siliguri. As soon as the Kolkata Film Festival ends, Siliguri also starts the same festival.

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But this year, the Satyajit Ray Film Festival is organized by the state government. This is the first time such a festival has been held in Siliguri. There are two shows every day at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. There are also children’s films. Arrangements will therefore be made to bring in schoolchildren. For children, there is Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen, Diamond King’s Land, Golden Fort. Besides Nayak, Pather Panchali, Jalsaghar, Pratudighi and many other films will be screened.

Gautam Dev said, “We want our moviegoers to come to this festival. That’s why we have made it free to enter. But you need to enter with a card to enter. It will be available at the Deenbandhu Manch box office. Roy remembers his father. He said, “Dad. A film festival of such magnitude has never taken place before. We are very happy. North Bengal is a place close to the heart of the whole Roy family. Dad too and I also toured a lot of places. When the offer came, I didn’t hesitate for a minute to come.”

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