Sanjay Dutt also had a secret relationship with Ambani’s wife

Sanjay Dutt also had a secret relationship with Ambani’s wife

Entertainment desk: Sanjay Dutt is one of the most controversial names in Bollywood. The law is not for him. From drug addiction to illegal possession of weapons, there’s nothing Hen hasn’t done. Sanjubaba went to jail several times for this.

Wife of Mukesh Ambani

Not only that, he also has a good reputation for love. Although we have already heard about his romance with several Bollywood actresses, very few people know that once Ambani’s wife was also in his sights.

Surprisingly, it is true that at one point Sanjay Dutt was crazy about Tina Ambani, the Ambani family’s daughter-in-law. Moreover, Tina also had fun with Sanju. Let me tell you, Tina was once a household name in Bollywood. This actress has worked with many veteran Bollywood actors. Among which one name is Sanjubaba. Tina has worked with actor Sanjay Dutt in several films.

Needless to say, the pair of these two have been widely loved by the public. No one could understand when the closeness of real life reaches real life. The two were often seen walking hand in hand. According to the media, their love even reached marriage. In such a situation, the question arises: why did Tina marry Anil Ambani?

According to the media, at that time Tina suddenly refused to marry Sanjay Dutt. In fact, Sanjubaba had many bad habits that Tina was unaware of at first. Later, as information came out, Tina decided to withdraw from this relationship.

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After that, Tina met the famous Indian businessman Anil Ambani. They got married and now they have a happy home. On the other hand, talking about Sanjay Dutt, he too has moved on in his life and is currently married to Manyata Dutt for the third time.

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