Sanjay’s ‘Daag’ film about Musharraf Karim

Sanjay’s ‘Daag’ film about Musharraf Karim

Musharraf Karim is like water as an actor. Everywhere and all the characters it adapts to surprise. Beyond the stage, plays, films, commercials, this actor now reigns over OTT platforms at home and abroad.

In this sequel, the OTT movie “Daag” by Musharraf Karim. It is produced by Sanjay Samaddar, one of the country’s most acclaimed builders. Recently, the shooting of the film has been completed in different locations in Dhaka.

Speaking about the history of ‘Daag’, Musharraf Karim said: ‘We don’t want to keep the Daag. We all want to erase it. We may have come a long way in erasing many types of stains. But there are still a few stains, which we were able to erase but have not erased! This film is about those indelible stains.

On the experience of working on this story with Sanjay, he said, ÔÇťAudiences will see the story very differently. At the same time, you will discover me under another character. Thanks to the creators for keeping me with such a story. Thank you also to all those who participated in this work.

Meanwhile, filmmaker Sanjay Samdar said of ‘Daag’: “‘Daag’ is a wonderful travel story for me. We all tried to shape the story appropriately. And the kind of stories that we have been working on has never been done before.The central character of this story cannot be told until the story is actually seen.

The scene The manufacturer stated that in this story, a scar does not mean a “stain” on the body. This was an attempt to explain the barriers of society.

Ayesha Khan, Nishat Priyam, Somu Chowdhury, Shilpi Sarkar Apu, Naresh Bhuiyan, AK Azad Setu, Milli Bashar, Masum Bashar, Saberi Alam and others will be seen on screen with Musharraf Karim in the movie ‘Daag’.

Daag will soon be released on one of the OTT platforms.

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