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‘Santao’ could be the revival of rural stories in cinema

‘Santao’ could be the revival of rural stories in cinema

What is there and what is not

There are no hair-raising plot twists in ‘Santaveer’, no eye-catching set pieces. So what is it? Santaway managed to blend with each artist’s story. Ainun Nahar as Puthul and Fazlul Haque as Fazlu are so absorbed in the role that when they merge, there is no room to enjoy the actors separately.

This is where Santava’s great success lies. No actor could be found. A rural bride and a farmer will meet in many searches. And the people around them will be found.

Director Suman not only brought performances of actors, but also of wild bulls, cows, calves, desert Teesta dhu-dhu or ducklings. This manufacturer got or brought the frame as he wanted. The technique of adapting wildlife to film also took its creators to another level.

Especially without forgetting the red cow calf ‘Lalu’. After Fazlu-Putul, the story revolves around the main character Lalur and this creature.

The sound is one of the strengths of the film. Such perfect use of surface sound is rarely seen in Bengali cinema. In addition to wedding songs, traditional Bhavaya music from the Rangpur region; Movies and music made both come alive.

Just as the filmmaker used a minimum of artificial light to evoke the rural atmosphere, he chained the master strokes on large canvases. For shooting boats, village markets, Durga Puja fairs, Eid days, he left separate sets and waited instead of holding the camera.

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