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Saprativa Naushaba on stage


Saprativa Naushaba on stage

Kazi Nowshaba Ahmed has never done what is meant by performing on stage. Recently, he played the lead role in a play for the first time. Kamala Collective staged ‘Neel Chaya’ based on the play ‘Neel Darpan’ by renowned writer and playwright Deenbandhu Mitra. Naushaba played a dual role in this drama. He shared his experience and said, “I participated in Mr. Syed Jamil Ahmed’s workshop. A long time ago, I played a small role in a play. It was the first time that I played the central role. I only had 19 days for the preparation. It is not easy to prepare for a 2 hour game in this period. It is also a double character. I didn’t dare go on stage. I took the stage with the encouragement of producer and screenwriter Lisa Gazi, director Naila Azad Nupur and Ripon.

Naushaba continues with a breath: “I played the role of Rupa and Kshetramani. Two characters of two times. Switching between characters was difficult. Neither too good nor too bad; But I tried. Instant audience response. After a long time, I opened my heart and took action. In fact, I have a great appetite for playing. I’m late in the casting race. If you look at the works that I have done, you will see that I have not had many opportunities to act. I sat with suffering for so many years. I had the opportunity to show comedy while doing this piece. By acting in OTT, film and television were not available; Then it seemed to go back to the root. I acted with all my heart for 2 hours doing ‘Neel Chhaya’. Nowshaba sheds light on television like a stage. The irregular television actress starred in the then popular series “Punarjanm”. Naushaba said of starring in this series directed by Vicky Zaheed, “I have the opportunity to play in the role that Vicky gave me.” When I started labor, I did not understand that it would come to this stage. In fact, artists must be given the opportunity to play the role they deserve.

Naushaba sighed and added, “It’s not my responsibility to increase the number of views. Social media is like a diary to me. I keep here my own words and the words of my daughter. They are not given to promote one’s own work. It is difficult when these are taken into consideration as work. I haven’t done much work because I don’t have a chance to act. Actors like me should be looking for a character like me.

Well-actress Naushaba awaits her favorite role. where he can do as he pleases.

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