Saraswati Mandap made out of millions of bottle caps caught the eye

Saraswati Mandap made out of millions of bottle caps caught the eye

Saraswati Puja mandap was made of thousands of bottle caps (matka) in Nayapara district of Munshiganj city. Members of an organization named Nayapara Naveen Sangh created this unique mandap by arranging a large number of bottle caps in a cobblestone. Sanatan devotees throng to see the mandap. It caught the attention of fans and visitors.

On the surface, the frame is made up of many bottles of red, yellow and white colors on the canvas. And the main mandap of 14 feet in length and 13 feet in width has been done aesthetically. A door 18 feet long and 12 feet wide is arranged in the same way. The idol’s face is made of teak, sari and plastic beads.


Kajal Chandra Das, general secretary of Nayapara Naveen Sangh, said it took more than a month to build the mandap. Everyone in the organization is involved in different professions. They went home in the evening from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. and worked on making the mandap. About two lakh rupees were spent.


He said that every year the mandap of this region is exceptionally decorated. The anterior mandap is made with single glass, hogla leaves, lentils, punthi, almond shell. Over the past 13 years, mandaps have been built like this to show people the creative work. In continuation of this, the mandap was made with bottle caps this year.


Visitor Sudeep Saha told Jago News: “The mandap was made using more than a lakh of bottle caps. It is a job that takes a lot of time. But the work was aesthetic. It’s good to see.

Another person named Atanu Saha said, “This mandap is different from other mandaps. That’s why I came to see. It was good to see this time. Mandap is made with bottles of red, yellow and white mutkas.

Another fan, Deepti Saha, said, “Aslam is nice to see. Unique, awesome. Many people come to see.

Loknath Das Hriday, co-secretary general of the organization, said Saraswati Puja of Nayapara Naveen Sangh is an exception. We have been organizing it since 2010. Now mandap the door was made with bottle caps.

Arafat Raihan Saqib/SR/GKS

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