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‘Saturday afternoon’ Farooqui still regrets, wrote an open letter

‘Saturday afternoon’ Farooqui still regrets, wrote an open letter

Popular director Mustafa Saryar Faruqi produced the movie “Shanibar Bikkel”. Although it won several international awards, the film has yet to be seen by domestic audiences. The film has been stuck on the censor board for a long time. Recently, it was heard that the film will be released subject to the terms of the appeal board, but so far the producer has not received censorship clearance. Farooqui is very worried about this.

The producer is awaiting permission from the Censor Board to release ‘Saturday Afternoon’. Farooqui wrote an open letter on social media around noon Monday, January 30, drawing the attention of the Censor Board.

Farooqui wrote in the letter: “Dear brothers and sisters of the Censor Board, we are still waiting for your letter. According to Bangladesh law, the Appeal Board has the highest authority to decide on a film. Their decision on Saturday afternoon is known worldwide through national and international newspapers and television. They are all watching. Send the letter quickly without delay. Let’s not embarrass Bangladesh any longer. On the other hand, Faraz comes out on February 3. The people of Bangladesh look forward to Saturday afternoon’s release, whether it’s the same day or an hour earlier with Farage. So solve it quickly. We release the film with a smile. The film was screened in different countries around the world.

He also wrote: “It is the turn of the people of Bangladesh. Plus, it’s time for you to ask yourself if the old-fashioned idea of ​​blocking movies is useful in this new era of media. Because anyone can open their photos on digital platforms. Accordingly, the attempt to remove the image is a pandashram, which can only bring a bad name to the country. Another thing I say over and over again is that you don’t have to make a movie working inhumanely to tarnish the image of the government. All you have to do is upload a ten-minute video to YouTube-Facebook from outside the country. It is not necessary to take such a difficult path as artistic creation. And besides, the goal of the artist is not so narrow, my brother. It’s not his job to protect or undermine anyone’s image. Its purpose is the conversation of its time with the universe! Eti, you own Bangasantan!’

Incidentally, artists from different countries starred in the movie ‘Saturday Afternoon’. Artists include Bangladeshi Zahid Hasan, Nusrat Imroz Tisha, Mamunur Rashid, Iresh Zaker, Intekhab Dinar, Gausul Alam Shawon, Nader Chowdhury, Indian Parambrat Chatterjee, Palestinian Yad Hourani and many more.

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