Saurav Das asked not to spread fake news, know the details


Saurav Das asked not to spread fake news, know the details

Kolkata: Actress Aindrila Sharma has died untimely leaving everyone sad. His family members are devastated by his untimely death. Her lover Sabyasachi Chowdhury is also broken. A lot of fake news is heard about him all over the net world. And now another actor, Saurav Das, has asked to stop spreading all this fake news.

Saurabh Das regarding fake news-

Saurabh Das wrote on his social media handle: “Sabyasachi is in good health. I am with and will remain Those who spread fake news are sick. Don’t be embarrassed. I won’t smear the post with abuse so you can share it and let people know about everything. We will take legal action against any false news from any portal that appears. Please let the families be at peace. (unchanged)

New coils

Earlier, Saurabh Das opened his mouth against Bholo Khabar. Even though Aindrila Sharma was still alive, she was shocked when fake news of her death spread. Sourav wrote on his Facebook wall: “He is still alive. Don’t kill him.

On the other hand, Aindrila’s sister, Aishwarya, recently wrote on social media: “It’s been a long time, I’m going fast now Bunu. I’m paralyzed without you. Who would dress me? Who will take my photo? Who will not say that the words of the heart will understand my face? Who will fulfill all my desires like Aladdin’s marvelous lamp, with whom will I travel, with whom will I party? Who will I stay up all night watching movies and talking to? Who will advise me correctly How many projects do we have left? Who will love me selflessly? Who will fight the whole world for me, keep me safe? I don’t have the dearest friend besides you. You are my life force. In those 24 years, I haven’t learned anything to do on my own. I know you are strong but your aunt is very helpless without you. Go quickly to me I Bunu. I waited.’ (unchanged)

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