Sayan shared his fascination with stories and songs

Sayan shared his fascination with stories and songs

His official debut as a musician goes back fifteen years. But the practice of music, writing, music – it’s almost two years. But he never gave a solo concert in this long harmonious journey. Came in 2023 and broke his unwritten custom! He sang with all his heart throughout a program, and delivered his fascination. And the audience in front also found the warm fascination of protest, love and patriotism in the winter evening.

I was talking about the musician Farzana Wahid Sayan. On Friday evening (January 20), he sang for the first time in a solo program at the Nat-Mandal of the University of Dhaka. In exchange for the ticket, where Sayan performed his song Char Hali.

In this event entitled ‘I sing for everyone’, the audience was packed. Although he didn’t get a seat, the audience listened to Sayan’s song. However, for the artist, it was an attempt at introspection. And by getting such a response on the first attempt, the excitement line is also on the rise.

Sayan told the Bangla Tribune: “It was like an experience for me. I did not expect the room to be full of people. The presence of more people is a plus for me. Of course, even if only two or four visitors had come, I would have performed the song with equal joy.

Farzana Wahid Sayan on stage Why has a decade and a half of musical life passed since the first solo show? Sayan’s response: “In fact, I myself have never initiated a single program, and those who organize themselves, they have not thought of me in this way either. But at this time, it seemed that a few small events could be organized for those who are loyal fans of my music. This program grew out of that idea.

Sayan performed the song in two parts in the arrangement of “I sing for everyone”. In the first part he played guitar and mouth organ and sang songs about protest, country, people, politics. Among these were the songs ‘Sunder Hobo’, ‘Rabindra Nazrul’, ‘Aami Gaichhi Sarbari’, ‘Janatar Beyadabi’, ‘Amar Politi’, ‘O Neta Bhai’, ‘Abrar Fahad’ and ‘Hunshiari’.

In the second part, Sayan’s voice matches the piano. I sang sweet relationships and prayer songs. The list included ‘Mukhosh’, ‘Latai’, ‘Kechi Bolo’, ‘Here Is Happiness One Day’, ‘A Lost Friend’, ‘Oth Mind’ and ‘Friendship With Soil’.

Sayan emphasizes the relevance of each song at the beginning. As a result, the whole program has become a story of a full meaning of life. After the performance of the song, the audience stood up and honored the artist. Flowers and posters commemorating the event were also presented. Sayan said, sometimes he will make such a unique event.

Media worker Rishan Mahmood Roni was the main host of this unique Sayan show. Farzana Wahid Sayan on stage

Photo: Bangla Tribune

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