Seasonal viral photo wearing a black dress on a milky white bed

Seasonal viral photo wearing a black dress on a milky white bed

Entertainment desk: Ritabhari Chakraborty is an active social media actress. One by one he took a different photo and rocked social media. Sometimes they wear native clothes and sometimes western clothes. And see what the fans chanted. Currently, the heroine of the film ‘Brahma Jaane Gopan Kammti’ has shown her exceptional form on social networks through these images. The soft glow of the sun on the face brought a different dimension to the new photos of Ratabhari.


Posting the photos on Instagram, Ritabhari captioned them, saying she loves the sun shining on her. She looks amazing in this daring photo in a black dress.

She looks like a black beauty in a revealing black dress, fans say. Ratabhari Chakraborty is sometimes seen in bold avatars on social media. Whether she’s warming up in the pool water or warming up the pristine white bed, her pairing is perfect.

Ritabhari made her television debut as the heroine of the popular TV series “Ogo Badhu Sundari”. In 2011, he was supposed to make his big screen debut in the movie ‘Toma Sath Praner Khel’ but the movie was not released due to unknown reasons.

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Ritabhari runs a film production company called “SCUD” with his filmmaker mother Shatarupa Sanyal, their productions “Naked” and “Anu” have won National Film Awards. In 2018, he worked in ‘Pari’ by Prasit Roy. Bollywood actresses Anushka Sharma, Parambrat and Rajat Kapoor also starred with him in this film. Currently, he has worked in films and commercials. His name has become huge in the advertising world.

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